Von Baer

Von Baer

Von Baer is an Estonian brand created in Tallinn in 2015. The idea of giving people not only high quality, but also stylish leather accessories and bags appeared after the frustration of the founder Albert Varkki to find a suitable laptop bag for himself.

To date, the brand’s core idea is creating unique and practical leather accessories and offering them directly to the customer, without intermediaries.

We do not invest actively in marketing. We believe that the product (its quality and appearance) must speak for itself. Thus, all our work focuses on the product. This approach helped us to achieve the best value for money.

Von Baer accessories are made mainly of premium buffalo leather, which surpasses the many qualities of other leather types. Our store offers the possibility of personalizing leather products – at the request of the customer, initials or laser engraving are applied to the accessory. Our range of products includes men’s and women’s leather briefcases, laptop bags, backpacks, travel bags, wallets and card holders and other accessories for men and women.

We invite all the guests to visit our store.

Working hours:
Mo-Fri   11.00–16.00

Phone number: +372 55 66 14 33

Address: Rotermanni 7 (black building)