The historical Rotermann is located in the heart of Tallinn between the Old Town, the port and Viru Square. It is the most attractive quarter in the city, where old industrial buildings that have been given new functions stand next to modern architecture.

Rotermann City is a cosy and friendly urban environment characterized by historical atmosphere, outstanding and tantalizing architecture, openness, uniqueness, and obviously the excellent location – right in the heart of the city.

Rotermann City OÜ

Rotermanni 8, 10111 Tallinn
T: +372 626 4200

Raido Talviste
Commercial Premises Sales Manager
T: +372 5680 1023

Kristi Reiland (On Maternity Leave)
Marketing and Events
T: +372 5152711

Helerin Rauna 
Marketing and Events
T: +372 56955580

Forus Haldus OÜ
Head of Real Estate Management
T: +372 605 7332
M: ;

Holiday opening times of shops in Rotermann City

23.06 Victory Day
Shops are open 11.00-16.00

24.06 Midsummer Day
Shops are closed

24.12. Christmas Eve
Shops are open 10.00-16.00

25.12. Christmas Day
Shops are closed

31.12. New Years Eve
Shops are open 10.00-16.00

01.01. New Year
Shops are closed